no one can see what he is

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Hannibal AU: 
↳Abigail survives and is taken to court. Jenna Engel is appointed as her lawyer, and the two develop a tentative friendship. (You guys, they don’t even look like the same actress…my mind is blown)

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Alexander Skarsgård in the True Blood Farewell Bontemps Show

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Favorite Films: Life of Pi (2012) 
So, which story do you prefer?

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make me choose:  Margot/Alana or Margot/Abigail? (for anonymous)

color memewomen of hannibal + summer colors (requested by renlybaratheon)

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House Week - Day 2
 → favorite female character: Jessica Adams

Katharine Isabelle as Zooey in Lawrence & Holloman

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Привет всем, кто просматривает мой бложик. Мне 19 лет, я люблю сериала и Photoshop, и, как Вы уже поняли, я родом из России.

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