the traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive


Bevlana AU

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hannibal + parallels: margot & abigail


Get To Know Me Meme

[3/5 favourite movies] Now You See Me (2013)

Thank you for coming by but this is kind of a talent only area.

The Four Horsemen and their calling card

Bagheera (“Adventures of Mowgli” 1967-1971)


My complete Jungle Book series, based on several characters from Rudyard Kipling’s stories. This represents about a year’s worth of loving labor. 


are you okay?

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Привет всем, кто просматривает мой бложик. Мне 19 лет, я люблю сериала и Photoshop, и, как Вы уже поняли, я родом из России.

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